16 October 2010


I think I'm addicted. Since I've started mulling over what to get people for Christmas, I've probably been on Etsy everyday. Not great for productivity :) This is my husband rubbing off on me, but I like the idea of getting people gifts that not everyone in the world has (although there will always be a place in my heart for Target). I've bookmarked way too many things in the past couple weeks to post any here, but maybe when I narrow it down I'll list some of my favorite shops. Looking around on Etsy also makes me really want to be crafty! So I'm headed to Michaels today after I clean the mountain of dishes in the kitchen :/ And on that note...I've got to go start on the dishes.

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  1. I looooove Etsy! I started a store but I haven't listed much yet. And I completely sypmathize with you on the dishes!


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