22 September 2011


Surprise! We're moving in less than two weeks. Nothing like a last minute cross country move to get you all crazy and not knowing what to do first excited! So please bear with me if I drop off the face of the blogging earth for a little bit.
This is actually from when we were unpacking at our house last year. Right now we have nothing packed, we're leaving most of it to the movers!
Also, I actually finished a pair of pajama pants that have been basically finished since May but just needed a hem (no pictures right now, sorry). I guess the next best motivator for sewing projects other than if your project is going to be a birthday gift and the birthday was a week ago is approaching is if you actually should be packing or organizing or cleaning or all three at once. It's the PERFECT time to do anything and everything but pack/organize/clean including playing Super Mario Bros.

And we saw Clint Eastwood at dinner tonight. Take care everyone, and don't worry I'll probably keep up with your blogs even more now that I should be getting ready to move several states away.
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15 September 2011

A quick sewing fail...

...to show you I still care. I would love to bring you an awesome sewing project that I finished on my awesome new sewing machine. But that's not how it always works out (unfortunately!).

A couple things to share before I get to the embarrassing pictures. Saturday Hubs and I went to the Air Force Ball. It was fun, see?
(Side note: I wish I had a recording of what was said at the ball about those families that can't be with their loved ones. It was really touching and they had an empty table set for POW/MIA. We took some time to think about the sacrifices others have made for our freedom. I know I completely took that for granted before Hubs was in the military and I wish everyone could hear things like what was said at the ball. Sorry I'm not better at recreating the sentiment!)

But I didn't plan ahead very well and ended up with way too much to do on Saturday. Friday night (I think, could've been Saturday morning I'm not really sure now) I knew I needed a bag for the ball and I didn't have anything. Yeah, no black or silver clutch or small bag. You'd think with all the bags I have ONE of them would work. Nope. 

No problem, I've made clutches before and it's pretty quick. Except I had no nice fabric or neutral fabric. So I went to my closet. Not a whole lot there either. Apparently I'm more of a casual fabric kind of girl. I found a dress that was in the "goodwill, oh wait I might use that for a project so don't take it yet" pile. Too small for me but black and lacey (lacie? who knows...). Anyway I cut and I sewed. Quickly.
It was bad people. I had never sewn with lace or such thin stretchy material. I had never sewn with that sewing machine before. It roughly resembled the shape of a clutch.
I knew I needed to use interfacing because it was way too flimsy but I didn't want to get out the ironing board so the floppyness of it is totally my fault. I will say the machine did an amazing job of sewing the stretchy fabric. It even had a stitch specifically for stretchy fabric!

I didn't have the hang of manuvering the stretchy fabric in the sewing machine though so I didn't even catch the lace in some sections. I ended up using a tiny black wristlet that was only big enough for my id and lip gloss. Maybe my experiment would work better as a hat...
Nope, definitely not. I forgot to tell you the rest of the reason why I couldn't just try again with the clutch. It was about 3pm on Saturday (we're leaving at 5:15...or so we thought) and I remembered I needed something from the store for Bible class the next day. So I went to the store and Hubs went for a run. After, he needed a haircut. So I'm cutting his hair at 4:20. Then he remembers he needs a rope sewn onto his jacket. I put a few stitches in to hold it on and figured I could finish in the car. Then I got ready because it was close to 5pm at that point. I get dressed and put on mascara (couldn't find concealer) and go back to sewing. So I'm standing in the office, in my dress, sewing a rope on a jacket.

Probably was pretty funny. The moral of the story is plan ahead. And dresses don't always make good purses. But you can still have fun even if you were super rushed and have no bag. See? That's the look of fun people.
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08 September 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I hope everybody had a good weekend! We went to San Francisco. We didn't plan a whole lot, but had a really good time. Sometimes it's nicer when you don't have to rush to fit a bunch of stuff in.

Instead of taking until next week to type up a post I decided I would just show you some pictures to recap what we did.
 Fort Point
Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point
 Giants game
 I apparently can't take a good picture in San Francisco. I blame the cold and ridiculous wind.

 view from Twin Peaks
 Yes, this is cropped awkwardly. I had to cut the other people out of the picture, apparently the picture taker we snagged didn't realize other people were in the shot.

Part of the reason it's taken me more than half the week to get this stuff posted is we found out where we're moving (eventually...we have at least one stop for a few months between here and there). And I found that I like house hunting at least as much as blogging! Hubs and I were having fun looking at houses. The rentals we've seen in the area don't look so hot, so we're considering buying a place.

I found my favorite today. Too bad it will probably be gone when we get there. : (
I know it doesn't look like much on the outside (especially from this angle for some reason), but I assure you it's one of the nicest we've seen on the inside.  Thanks for reading! And I know I keep saying this, but I really am going to get back to posting about sewing/crafts soon!
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