24 May 2011

Help Wanted

I need your help. Although I almost didn't ask because this post will probably make you wildly curious about the disaster that is my "About Me" page. No, stop! Don't click up there!

Seriously though, people. I am bad at writing about myself. Hopefully that doesn't automatically make me a bad blogger. :-/ So I want to hear from you guys about what you like to find out about in an "About Me" page.

This could be stuff you generally like to read, or a burning question you've been dying to ask me for months. Ok, not really months, I think I've only had like 4 readers that date back months (3 if you don't count my mom). Hah! Or do you have any tips on how to share personal information without sounding like you're putting info out on a dating site? Example: I'm in my early 20's and enjoy coffee, cute puppies, and long walks on the beach. In that case, I shared information but also sound like a weirdo looking for a date.

So please (pretty please!) help me! Comment with your questions, truth or dares, tips for dumb bloggers who can't write about themselves, tricks for making people REALLY want to follow you, basically anything that will help contribute to making my "About Me" page slightly less lame. Thanks in advance!!
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PS - It's ok if you go look at the page, if I was really that embarrassed I could've erased it. I don't think it's the worst thing ever, but it does sound a little cheesy to me and Hubs laughed at part of it the other day so it's got to go!


  1. You should probably talk about your super awesome sister. lol just kidding :)

  2. I don't have an About Me page. Just a little sidebar. That way I don't have to write much. :) But I have ideas for one, where I'd do basically the same amount of info that was in a sidebar, and then link to any posts that are sort of biographical. That's my idea, anyway. :)

  3. I really like your About Me! I mean, have you read mine lately? The only reason it doesn't sound like a singles listing is because it includes the word, "boyfriend!"


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