18 November 2011

Gifts for guys

Ok, anybody else having trouble thinking of something to get for the guys in your life for Christmas? For some reason I seem to have more trouble coming up with gift ideas for guys than for girls. Actually here are some of the reasons I thought of:
  • I'm a girl, so naturally I have a better idea what a girl might want
  • Hubs is picky (that probably doesn't apply to everyone, but remind me to tell you the story of the chocolate vs. black dashboard sometime)
  • You can't apply mad crafting or sewing skills to most guy presents - I'm fairly certain my Dad does not want a cute headband and my uncle doesn't want a pretty clutch
  • Guys are weird
 Most of my guy relatives are pretty much maxed out on knives, multi-tools, etc. (although they would probably say you can never have too many) so I've been on the lookout for different guy gifts this year. I thought I'd share some ideas I've compiled after hours of browsing pinterest. Some are homemade and others are...uh...not.

1. Paracord bracelet - looks tough and could be useful in an emergency (you can unravel and use the 7-8 ft of paracord to hold stuff together or something)
 Tutorial here on my blog

2. Camera lens coffee mug - way more fun than a plain ole mug
$24-30 at Photojojo

3. Astronaut ice cream - how cool is that? (haha, get it? coool?? sorry, I couldn't help myself)
$3.99 at ThinkGeek

4. Turn a fat tie into a skinny tie - I'm keeping this in my back pocket for Hubs someday
 Tutorial at Design Mom

5. iPad case - although may I suggest a slightly more manly fabric and a magnetic snap closure instead of a bow...unless your guy is the bow-liking type
Tutorial at The Polkadot Chair
And for the little guy, I like:
6. Socktopus - cute and cuddly :) and not every kid on the block has one
 Guidelines here on my blog (no pattern, sorry!)

7. Car play mat - doesn't this look fun?? And from what I've seen you don't even have to sew them, just hot glue!

Hopefully that gave you some new ideas! Anybody else have brilliant guy gift ideas?
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  1. Kevin never wants anything! His answer when I ask him is always "golf stuff." This year he has also asked for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal online. For him, it's usually gift cards and subscriptions. Seems boring to me, but it makes him happy!

  2. Great ideas...thanks for sharing!! I would love for you to come link up at our link party...junkintheirtrunk.blogspot.com/2011/11/link-it-up-wednesday-3.html

  3. I love all of your bullet points, so funny! My hubs is super picky too, AND indecisive. Grocery shopping with him is an event in patience on my part.

  4. Brilliant ideas! The socktopus is CLASSIC!

  5. I am also in trouble when it omes to guys!! This year I think I will go hunt in the hardware store!! :) But I wish we had those astronaut ice creams here in Italy!


  6. Cool list unfortunately none of those will work for the men in my life. They are SO difficult!


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