13 January 2012

Knit Baby Dress

Well I get the award for worst Christmas vacation photographer EVER this year. Seriously. I have less than 20 from the two weeks we were on vacation. We did really enjoy being with family, I just didn't turn my camera on very much. I thought I'd share one of the presents I made this year (that I actually remembered to take a picture of).

I used the Warhol Dress Pattern from Made (you can find it here). I love how this dress turned out. Since it's knit fabric it seems so comfy. It shouldn't surprise you that I forgot to take any pictures of my niece actually wearing the dress. All I have is the dress on a hanger and a tiny picture cropped from a family picture.

This dress was fun to make - you know how some projects are really great once they're finished but during you're thinking you were crazy to make it and you wish you hadn't already cut out the fabric? This isn't one of those. It came together pretty quickly if I remember right.
I did have an almost project-ending mistake though. The knit I was using was very thin (thinner and stretchier than tshirt material). Of course I didn't practice with it much ahead of time because that would've been smart. A piece of the armhole got stuck IN my machine. I was definitely sweating those few minutes, but I managed to free it with minimal damage to the fabric (and by minimal I mean there was damage but it was hide-able).
So if you do make this dress, practice with your fabric first (or just be better at sewing than me). I did make an adjustment to the pattern. I added trim to the bottom hem similar to the yoke of the dress. I thought it looked nice and my material was really thin so it was easier to sew with an extra layer of fabric.

I'm hoping that this dress will last for a few months (or more) because there's room to grow at the top and as it gets shorter it can become a long top instead of a dress!

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  1. So cute and little picture showed her all decked out in Christmas colors. I understand about fabic in the machine. Along the way most seamtress learn about this. Glad that you enjoy sewing.

  2. The first comment was from Marmie. :)
    Lena's dress is totally adorable! Well done :)

  3. These baby dresses are good but i think if color combination will be there in these then it will give a best look .What you think?


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