08 April 2011

Friday Fun - a few crafting oopsies

I thought everyone might enjoy a few funny pictures from when things didn't go exactly as planned.

First off we have hanging a picture frame.
No, that is not how pushpins or nails are supposed to look. Our house has many different walls. You can't be sure which type you'll get until you start trying to hang something up. On some walls, nails go in really easily (probably too easily actually). Others chew up your nails and spit them out. We have no idea what this mystery material is, but when Hubs doesn't get the nail in you know it's the wall not the hammerer. I mean look at his arm...
And that's not even flexed! Anyway (he'd probably be totally embarrassed that this is online so moving on!) we've had better luck drilling a tiny hole and then putting the nail in.

Another issue I run into pretty much every time I sew is leaving a hole for turning. For some reason I seem to think I can stuff something through a hole that is smaller than my pinky. No really, look at this hole that I had to fit stuffing through for a toy.
Smaller than my finger. If you couldn't tell, I went ahead and spelled it out for you. You're welcome : ) It's the same story with bags. I think I can stuff the entire thing through a 1-2" hole. When will I ever learn??

And finally, a sock creature disaster.
Oh, you don't think it's looks to bad (other than the unfinished face)? Well you haven't seen the back. Those with a weak stomach may want to turn away.
Ok so it's not horrible. But what kind of animal (even a fictitious sock animal) has a tail in the middle of its back? I can think of none. How did this happen? I wish I knew. Still not seeing the horror? Let me point out some landmarks to give a little reference.
Pretty sure he would have a sad face if he had a face right now. Perhaps a tail-ectomy would help this little guy. I guess I may be being a little over-dramatic about this oopsie, but I still don't think he's ready to be given to a child since they may be terribly confused about the random appendage coming out of his back.

Enjoy your weekend (and please leave adequate holes for turning)!

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PS - just found out I won a giveaway at A Law Student's Journey! I don't think I could be more excited. And yes, I may have just done a little dance in my chair : ) More on this later!


  1. Ha! "Place for tails." That totally made me laugh out loud.

  2. I seriously laughed outloud at how you wrote about your sock animal. hahaha I really like the way you write! And I'm thrilled you won the giveaway!

  3. The picture of the monkey hugging the box (along with your commentary) totally cracked me up, love this! Sometimes screw ups are just more fun!

  4. Our house was built in 1921, ans we have plaster walls. We have the same issue with some of the walls. Some of the house was reno'ed and has drywall. What year was your house built? I'm wondering if you have plaster walls?

  5. That looks a heck of a lot better than anything I would have made out of a sock. I kept looking at it thinking it looked great. I love when blogger post their mistakes though. It makes me feel better. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Haha! What a great post! I love your sense of humor about your sewing disaster - that kind of thing happens to me all the time! :)

  7. Your commentary on this one totally made me laugh. I followed your link from "Not Just A Housewife" I was so excited to find that linky party because I do 'Fess Up Friday on my blog every week and I'm so glad to know there are other people like me. If you want to stop by and link up, this would be perfect ;)

  8. Michaela - I think you're right about the plaster walls. Our house was built in 1910, but some parts have been remodeled. The trick is just figuring out which walls are which!

    Thank you everyone for your comments!

  9. so I wasn't going to comment but I am a total Ikea nerd! I have two of those crate side tables in my living room! love them.. love your blog... love the sock toy! I go wild for Ikea I should totally work there because I can spot an Ikea product from anywhere. lol anyways I will probably be trying a project from your blog today. :) *you can see my crate side table and the pillow I made in my photo* <3

  10. :) I love reading about other people's crafting oopsies- makes me feel so much more normal!

    Thanks for linking up to Finding the Funny. Hope to see you next week!

  11. I am laughing out loud! I'm actually laughing and then crying out of fear because that monkey doesn't have a face. Eeeek!!! Loved that you linked up with #findingthefunny. You'll be back next week, right?? :)

    (By the way, your husband has a nice arm!)

  12. THat sock creature is hysterical. I don't like sock ccreatures to begin with, but something about the way it's hanging onto that wooden thing has me cracking up. I too can't seem to leave holes of a reasonable size when I sew. I always get the material to turn, but I'm always thinking "this would be so much easier if I'd just left a bigger hole!!" I never learn my lesson, though! Found you at Anna and Kelley's linkup.


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