29 June 2011

My plan is working

Guess what Hubs said the other day. "When we have a house you're definitely having your own room for this stuff." This stuff being sewing stuff mainly. I knew my master plan was working it wasn't completely a bad thing to leave fabric scraps all over the place when I have to stop mid-project. Mwahahaha!

I'm kidding, I didn't really plan that. But I was excited to hear that hehe. It would be really nice to have more than a corner of a room for everything. If only I had gotten that on tape so I could really hold him to it. : )
So this is the project behind the scrapfest that led to him generously offering me an entire room to hide my messiness. (Although let's be honest, pretty much every project spends at least one night on the floor of the living room and/or office...sorry Hubs) I made a small table runner for a shower I'm having in a couple weeks (actually by the time I'm getting around to finishing this post it is THIS WEEKEND). We didn't have anything that would really go with a baby shower/polka dot theme but I did have lots of polka dot fabric. Probably too much, actually...maybe I should branch out a bit.

Here are the detailed "plans" for the project. I wanted it to be a bit wider, but the black fabric I had for the back wasn't wide enough - remember I was dealing with scraps here.
Originally I wasn't going to use any batting, but then I remembered I had a bunch leftover from the tshirt quilt. So I thought why not? It will give the table a little added protection from hot things and wet things. Plus, I love adding things to a project to make it even more time-consuming!

Steps to making a table runner out of scraps when you have little to no time:
  1. Make a rough sketch and plan your dimensions.
  2. Cut fabric and forget to add in seam allowances on at least 2 of the sections.
  3. Realize your scrap of fabric for the back is about 1/4" too narrow, but go with it anyway.
  4. Stack batting, then backing right side up, then top wrong side up. (So right sides of the fabric should be touching)
  5. Sew everything together around the edge, leave an opening to turn it right side out and clip the corners before you turn it right side out.
  6. Realize you shouldn't have just gone with it when your fabric was too narrow because now you have a big fat hole in the side of your table runner.
  7. Photobucket
  8. Since you have no time, just sew up the hole and plan to put a giant bowl over that section of the table runner. Plan to sew across the table runner (to prevent the batting from bunching) and do something to disguise/fix the hole later.
And you're finished! I would seriously consider skipping #3, which would also allow you to skip 6 and most of 7. I guess this is one of those do as I say, not as I do situations.
I'll let you know how many of the party guests are horrified that the table runner is all funky on one side. And I hope to get some good pictures of it in action (read: the messed up side covered up by food) this weekend!
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  1. Adorable! You can never go wrong with polka dots in my book!

  2. Cuteness :) - Love, Stacy

  3. I am loving your evil laugh :)

    I'm not crafty at all, in any way whatsoever, yet I've always wanted a craft room. There is an upside. Think how tidy all those lovely shelves of fabric and scrapbook paper would stay!

  4. i've never seen this idea for a table runner! i've got some fabric scraps that would be perfect for this!

    also i would love it if you would share it at my tip-toe thru tuesday party (open til friday) http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com/2011/06/tip-toe-thru-tuesday-5.html

  5. So cute! I covet sewing rooms (or dining rooms converted to sewing rooms) every time I see one online. One day! Your work is beautiful sewing room or now :)

  6. Looks really fun! Perfect for summer!

    New Follower.
    The Miller's


  7. I love a table runner project!!! Yours is adorable. ANd having your own craft room is amazing. You are awesome for having a crafty plan to convince the hubby. I have a new home and made sure I got a craft room. Never mind that the girls share a room, haha. sacrifices!!!!


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