31 August 2011

Did ya miss me??

I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, and I do feel kind of bad about it. Hopefully I can pick back up on the frequency of my posts soon (although I can't make any promises since we may or may not be moving sometime in the next 2 months...yay for "planning ahead" in the military!).

I would show you a cute little skirt I made for my niece, but I forgot to take pictures of it. My bad. And it was way too big, so I won't have a picture of her in it for a while. Apparently I have no concept for how big or small babies are. It is really cute though! It's kind of along these lines:
But obviously much better. Hah! The fabric has tiny flowers on it and looks kind of vintage-y. I was in Memphis last week visiting family and meeting said niece. She's even better in person (although smaller) than I expected.
I kind of hogged her since I'm not there very much. Hopefully she didn't get too spoiled by me holding her even when she was napping sometimes : )
It was so much fun to see family and spend time hanging out (ok, she napped and I smiled at her because she's cute) with my niece!

In other news...I GOT A NEW SEWING MACHINE!?!  A Brother CS6000i (whatever that means). So I'm going from one stitch on my old Singer to 60! ...60!? What will I even do with all of them? I was so tired from the trip I didn't even open it when I got home last night.
But that didn't stop me today! I started reading through the instructions (boo!!) because honestly I don't even know where to begin with this thing.
I did find it funny that they pointed out you shouldn't drop or hit the machine if you want it to work well. Was that really necessary? I guess they're just covering all their bases (probably thanks to those people who sue because they burned their mouth on the coffee they ordered because it didn't say "Caution: Hot" on the cup).
I got all the way to page 16 (meaning I read how to wind and load the bobbin and thread the needle) before I threw caution to the wind and started trying out stitches! It's like magic people! Leaves, squiggles, asterisks, loops, criss-cross...you name it, the machine will do it! (Also, I need more thread. I didn't even have enough to completely fill a bobbin since these bobbins are bigger than my other ones.)
And now I need to get to work on the sewing table so I have somewhere other than the living room floor to put it. Any thoughts on what my first project with the new machine should be?? I have more projects than I can make several projects pinned on some of my Pinterest boards, but I haven't picked anything yet.
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  1. Your niece is adorable!

    Just those stitches make me super jealous of your sewing machine. I would love something so fancy! But I should probably dig my machine out and actually start using it again before I even think about upgrading.

  2. I have the same machine and it has been great to me ;) Have fun getting to know it and it looks like you have the perfect model for all of your future projects!

  3. That machine is COOL ... but not as cool as your sweet niece. You know, nieces ROCK! :)


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