08 August 2011

The patio chair lives!

Thanks to Jeff's idea, my chair was not a total bust. Yay! Weaving turned out to be the winning solution. (If you're lost, click here to see the chair fail last week.)
I'm so happy that the chair could be rescued. I never like to see a project totally fail because I hate wasting pretty fabric time and/or money.

As I was desperately trying to come up with a solution for the last disaster, I attempted sewing velcro onto the chair seat kinda like this.
That didn't work. At all. Maybe it would've worked if I only weighed 50 pounds or something. I wasn't sure if I had enough fabric left to weave the second chair seat, so I briefly tried just velcro-ing the first attempt on top of the existing seat. It looked a little funny since it didn't match the woven chair so I didn't so with that. That and Hubs didn't like it and said I needed to weave both of them if it was going to look right (I agreed, I was just trying to avoid extra work).

I did end up having enough to weave the other seat (yay!), so we have two chairs again! We've actually had two chairs again for almost a week, I've just been terribly slow trying to keep up with the blog lately.
Don't they look great on our new balcony? I don't think I have a before picture of the balcony, but let me assure you the new tile and railing are an upgrade (and more structurally sound)!
Now I'm just waiting for it to make it above 65 degrees (I know, please don't hate me) so I can enjoy it without a jacket! Not holding my breath though since it probably won't make it until next month. Also, if you need a break from the heat, come to central CA and you can freeze in the Pacific Ocean and wear a jacket all summer.

Oh, and if you want tips on weaving a chair seat out of fabric I would suggest going to the chair weaving tutorial at First a Dream. I read through that before I started mine and it was helpful. I made my strips quite a bit wider than hers so it really didn't take me very long.
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  1. I am glad you were able to save the chairs since I really love that blue fabric. We were on the west coast last week and I took my son to beach (Manhattan Beach) and it was a only toes in kind of experience. The warm beaches on this coast have spoiled me :)

  2. Yay! I am glad you were able to salvage the project. The chairs look so good on your balcony. And I am completely jealous of your cool weather!

  3. i have that fabric in a different color but i love the blue so much more!! looks adorable and so nice where you are!

  4. Love the chairs and the new balcony

  5. You have got to tell me the name of that fabric!

  6. I have a odd question -- I see all these cool "I was featured" badges on the right hand column. Do you also have a similar icon that you send to other people?

  7. Your chairs are a WIN! :) So cute! Glad it worked out like you had hoped.

  8. Those are so cute and pretty!!

  9. I am a huge fan of the fabric on the chair.



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