20 August 2010

Taco Bell, I've got your number!

This week I discoved how to make quesadillas that taste just like Taco Bell's, but they're healthier! I tried it for myself last night, and went on and on to Hubs about how good it was. He believed me, but admitted that he didn't realize just how good they really were until I made him one today for lunch. Now I don't really NEED to go to Taco Bell anymore (unless, of course, I'm craving a Mt. Dew Baja Blast).

In case anyone else would like to know the secret to my quesadilla success, I'll share. :) This is just what I used, if you prefer non-whole wheat tortillas that would probably work too.

  • Mission Whole Wheat Carb Balance Tortillas (burrito size)
  • Kraft 2% Mexican blend cheese
  • Taco Bell sauce (comes in a smallish bottle at the grocery store)
  • Oscar Meyer Rotisserie Chicken lunch meat (much faster than actually cooking chicken yourself)

On half of the tortilla I layered cheese, sauce, meat, sauce cheese then folded the tortilla in half and stuck it on our handy dandy George Foreman grill. Flipped it over once while it was cooking, and VIOLA! Out comes a Taco Bell quesadilla Susan style.

And while I'm on the topic of food, I might as well expound on the Mission Carb Balance Tortillas. I'm not sure why they're called carb balance, I just know they're whole wheat. We've tried probably every brand/kind of whole wheat and/or multi-grain tortilla out there and this one far surpasses the competition. It's chewy and not dry AT ALL. We use them all the time for wraps, burritos and now quesadillas. Honestly, I hardly notice a difference between it and a regular flour tortilla. So you get all the yumminess of a flour tortilla plus the benefits of whole grain! ....do I sound like a commercial or what? haha

Happy Friday everybody!


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