10 January 2011


I finally finished our wedding scrapbook...hopefully I'm not the only one who took a year and a half to finish something like that. I actually only had about four pages left for the last several months. In my defense we've had a lot happen in the year and a half since we got married -- After we married and honeymooned, Hubs got all of his stuff moved into the apartment. It seemed like once we finally settled into a routine Hubs decided to join the Air Force (and by Hubs I don't mean that I had no input because I did). Anyway, when he left for basic a few months later I moved in with his parents, then stayed with my parents for a few weeks after his graduation. I had all of these plans for tons of things I would get accomplished while he was gone with all of the extra time I would have, but I didn't seem to have much extra time. A lot of that "extra" time must've been eaten up by letter-writing when I wasn't at work (ok, and sometimes when I was at work). So basically that whole tangent is just to say that I was planning on finishing the wedding scrapbook when Hubs was at basic, but I don't think I even got the scrapbook out between all of the moving and letter-writing. Then we moved from Tennessee to California (no big deal...ha!). I can hardly believe we've almost been in California for a year, it really only seems about half that long!

Speaking of where we live, we ventured out on a hike last weekend. We went to Jacks Peak (don't know why it isn't Jack's Peak, but oh well). Hubs had been on a run there before, but didn't really get to take in all of the scenery. Jacks Peak is the highest point on the Monterey Peninsula and it has some awesome views! Thankfully it was mostly clear when we first got there. Who knew that in "sunny" California it would be foggy most of the time? Not me. But my issues with the weather here are a whole different story! We enjoyed each other's company, as always, and really enjoyed figuring out what spots we were looking at through the binoculars. I'm kind of glad we waited until now to go up there since we have a pretty good sense of where things are and what they look like now. Here are a few pictures from our hike: 

 Toward Monterey, Seaside, and Marina

Other half of Monterey and maybe a little of Pacific Grove

This is from the top, it was pretty bright outside 
so the scenery below is a little washed out

If you ever happen to be in the Monterey area, this is a pretty cool hike if it's clear. And have no fear, if you aren't very into hiking/aren't in great shape you can park almost at the top (you just have to pay 4 or 5 bucks). If you park lower, there's definitely more walking, but it's free and the first picture is from where we parked so the views there aren't too shabby either! I hope everybody had a good weekend. I think I've just set a record -- two blog posts in the span of a week. :-o We'll see if I can keep it up!


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