22 January 2011

I ♥ Saturdays!

I know you're all dying to know about our Saturday routine (ha! probably not), but today I'm really relishing our Saturday so I thought I'd share. Here's the run-down:
  1. Wake up around 8:30ish. 
  2. Hubs goes for a run with a couple of his buddies from the run team, I check Facebook on my phone in bed until I feel like getting up. Then I head to the gym to hit the elliptical for 45ish minutes and watch my guilty pleasure...16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom. Terrible I know, but hey it's on the TV in front of the elliptical so it's not really my fault.
  3. Next is First Awakenings. What is First Awakenings, you ask? Only the best breakfast restaurant ever (possibly a slight exaggeration, but it's gotta be in the top 10 ever). I could probably write an entire blog just about this restaurant. We go every weekend. And we only eat out once a week, so obviously we like it enough to make it our one outing every week. We've been so many times the parking attendant knows us and just waves us through. They have pancakes the size of dinner plates and a breakfast burrito that's about a foot long. You can get three of those giganto pancakes for about $8. What a deal. Ok, I better stop because I really could go on for quite some time. We go with about 6-8 of our friends and...ahh...I feel good just thinking about it. :)
  4. We try to do some sort of fun thing/take advantage of living in a vacation city. Today was the aquarium. Thanks to my aunt for the membership, so we get to go for freee! (And not feel obligated to stay the. entire. day. because we only get to go once.) Short hikes are also popular, especially on days like today that are absolutely beautiful (68 and sunny today). Before you get too jealous, keep in mind we only saw the sun like once every 2 weeks during the summer, it was terrible and foggy and cold. Apparently winter makes up for it. 
  5. Then we're tired so we come back to the house and chill. Mess around on the computer (we're probably just too cute with our matching macs hehe). Now Hubs is taking a nap and I've been playing the Wii. 
  6. Commissary comes next (if we don't get lazy), but it closes at 7 so we don't have all day like we did when we shopped at Wally World.
  7. Not exactly sure what we'll do now that football season is over. As I was trying to remember what came after getting home from the grocery I realized it often included watching football on TV. Guess tonight will be a surprise!
So that's our Saturday. Even though I work from home, I still welcome the weekend with open arms because it is, after all, work even if I do get to stay in my jammies half of the work day. Thanks for letting me gush about loving where I'm at right now and our little weekend routine. :) I would probably be sewing right now, but the sewing machine is in our bedroom and I'm pretty sure Hubs would not be pleased if I went in and turned all the lights on to sew! I hope everyone has a lovely lovely rest of the weekend!

PS - as I was proofreading this, I thought of about 5 more things to say about First Awakenings, but I'll spare you. I'm starting to feel slightly bad since it isn't very likely you'll get to eat there anytime soon. Just know its really really good!

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