16 January 2011

Super Easy Valentine's Day Project

And by super easy, I mean really. super. easy. And free! What more could you want in a project? I was wanting to sew and work on something crafty, but I was missing a few supplies for the other project I was in the middle of. So I decided to do something Valentiney since we don't really have many decorations for that holiday. Here's how it started:

Hand towel we bought when we got our house here before our stuff arrived, part of a shirt that I've been cutting up for various projects, heart cutout (from clipart on the computer), scissors, and totally useless fabric pencil. When I tried to trace the heart onto the shirt with said pencil it wasn't really working, so I tried harder and got a very faint line. After I cut on the line, I got the heart on the right:

Apparently all of that extra trying made me stretch the fabric a lot, so I gave up on the chalk pencil and just held the pattern on the fabric while I cut (not a good idea, I know). I cut out five hearts and then sewed them on. I told you, super easy :)

I made the hearts a little wider than would fit in a straight line, so I staggered and overlapped them a little. I did the bottom row first then added the top hearts. I didn't fold the edges under or anything, just sewed them right on. I kind of like the edges a little unfinished, I think it looks quaint. Here's the final product:

(I promise the edges are rounded on the tops of the hearts, since it's fairly thick terry cloth the hearts don't always lay completely flat)

I might still add smaller hearts inside the hearts that I already did, but I haven't decided yet. If you don't have much experience sewing (and really, even if you don't have a sewing machine), you could still do this project. Hand sewing seems tedious and slow now that I use a machine, but this wouldn't require a ton of stitches and you wouldn't have to make the stitches very close together. The first couple hearts were a little challenging around the curves (I'm still a newb on the sewing machine), but definitely doable. I also have a little disadvantage because my machine is about 50 years old and the knee pedal can be a little temperamental. Happy creating everybody :)


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