16 February 2011

Cute Burp Cloths

I finally finished working on these burp cloths, not because they're difficult, but because I tend to start 3 different things before I finish one. You can find the pattern here - homemade by jill. I just fell in love with the idea after I saw the tutorial because aren't these just worlds cuter than a plain white cloth diaper? I think so.

They're really simple and after you make one, you really don't even need to read the instructions anymore (which is awesome in my book). There's no pressing or folding and creasing involved, which also makes these awesome...and easy for people like me who are apparently kind of lazy when it comes to sewing. Check out the labels I made for mine:
When I showed Hubs the finished product all tied up and ready to go he told me it looked like they could've come from a store! I don't think Hubs even realized what an awesome compliment that was :) :) I was very excited!
I'm going to be giving these as a gift, and I saw (somewhere in blogland, I can't remember where) a printable for making a label for a "bucket o' burpees." That was cute, but I didn't have a bucket or a Silhouette to cut the cute oval label with scalloped edges. So I made my own. No bucket or equipment required (except a computer, printer, and scissors - I'm assuming if you're reading a blog you have those three). If you click on the picture below, it should open it full size and you can save it for your personal use.
 Pretty sure these are going to be one of my go-to shower gifts from now on!
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  1. I make these for every pregnant mom I know, including myself and everyone I've given them to loves them so much more than the store bought. They are my go to baby shower gift too. Thanks for the printable tag, great idea.

  2. :) cute gift ... excellent packaging.

  3. These are adorable! I can't wait to try to make them.



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