02 February 2011

New Post

Well if that isn't a winner of a title, I don't know what is! Hah. I had to do a new post for a couple reasons: I was stuck and needed to do something, anything to get out of the rut and I made a signature so I wanted to try it out and see how it looked with everything.

I haven't made anything new since the last post, sorry I'm so boring. I have no idea how some people seem to create something brilliant every week, or even more than once a week!?

* * *
Breaking news: I left in the middle of writing this post to go watch the Commander's Cup on post (2 mile team race between the services). I caught the end of the womens race (Air Force won by a lot and even lapped the Navy team. Yay!). I was looking around for Hubs, but I hadn't spotted him yet. He was an alternate for the race this time since he hadn't been practicing with the team full time. Then I get a text from Hubs saying if I'm looking for him he's at a clinic off-post because he has a small puncture on his foot. What!? 

I wasn't terribly worried yet because he made it sound not so bad, although I had a feeling he was doing that on purpose. Some of the womens team was standing around behind me at this point and started talking about the guy on the mens team wearing Vibrams that hurt his foot. I turned around to say that was my husband and saw they were pointing at bloody footprints on the concrete. Cue more worry.

So then I called him to ask if he wanted me to come to the clinic (I already knew the answer - no) and find out exactly what happened. We were on the phone long enough for him to tell me to stay and watch the race for him then he said he wasn't supposed to have his phone in there so I didn't get much more info. Men also won by a pretty big margin. Yay! They finished two miles in 11 minutes, 29 seconds. Impressive, huh? The next team to finish was a good 100 yards behind.

I headed to the clinic after that and he was ok, but there is definitely a puncture. Not as big around as a pencil, but definitely bigger than a toothpick. Sorry if that grosses anybody out. Turns out he was jumping down off a small ledge near the track and there was a piece of mulch sticking up in the sidewalk that he didn't see. No stitches even though the medic on post said he needed stitches. Hopefully it won't bother him too much, although the bottom of your foot is pretty much the worst place for something like that.  I think the worst part for him was hearing he couldn't work out for a week - haha.

That was our excitement for the afternoon, and the moral of the story is: watch out for mulch sticking straight up, especially if you are wearing Vibram Five Fingers. I hope everybody else had a less eventful afternoon, maybe I'll get back in gear with crafting and sewing next week!

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  1. I like your signature :) Tell Joe I hope he recovers quickly


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