14 February 2011

No more holes

So today I did a quick fix on one of my favorite workout shirts. I realized the other day that it's almost 9 years old, which means I've worn it maybe...200 times? Somewhere in that ballpark anyway. It had holes in the armpits, and not like, "oh, there's a teeny hole on that seam." More like a, "yikes, time for a new shirt" kind of hole. See?

Hubs suggested the other night at the gym that since I know how to use my sewing machine now, I could just cut the sleeves off and hem the edges. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? I think he was at the point where he would basically suggest anything to make the holes go away. Let's face it, Hubs was embarrassed by my holey shirt :/ In my defense, I ONLY wear this shirt to the gym, and I try to wear it on days when we're doing exercises that don't involve me lifting up my arms much. And favorite shirts are hard to come by. Obviously, if I had a comparable shirt I would've stopped wearing this one.

Anyway, my sewing machine (should sewing machines have a name? I don't know, but mine doesn't) has a hemming foot. I thought, "Awesome, I will just put the hemming foot on and my shirt will magically be hemmed, all I have to do is press the pedal!" Hahaha, so much for that fantasy! I couldn't figure out how to work the hemming foot so I put the regular one back on and used what might be the worst method for hemming something, but I don't know the difference and it worked so who cares. I just folded it under all the way around and pinned it. Here's me in action...because obviously I don't have anything better to concentrate on while I'm trying to sew. Hah!

It turned out pretty well. Probably would look more professional if I had used the magical hemming foot, but hey I started with giant embarrassing holes, so I'm pretty sure it could only get better! Now I'll be working out in style...or just a tshirt that doesn't have extra holes.

You're welcome Hubs! :)

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  1. hahahahaha ... it has a new life and looks really stylish :)


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