08 February 2011

Family Frame

Woohoo! I finished something in one night! Unfortunately the cost was skipping my workout for the evening. Oh well, I'm not too broken up about it. Back to the frame. I was about 1,000 times more excited about it than Hubs, which is pretty standard. You'd think I would learn after a while he is never going to be as excited about a crafty project as I am. Well I haven't learned yet, maybe after the next project...

I finally went to the dollar store, can you believe we've lived here almost a year and this is my first time? Lucky for me, Beverly's (fabric/crafts store) was on the way! :) :) I've grown very fond of Beverly's since I figured out how to sew and since they send out coupons every month. I relied heavily on inspiration from other blogs for this outing (more came out of this trip than just the frame, stay tuned the rest of the week).

I had a picture we took at Christmas that was hanging out in a sad excuse for a frame I found in the closet (plastic with scrapbook paper taped to it, very pathetic). I decided to upgrade the family picture. I used a dollar store frame, some small wooden letters, mod podge, scrapbook paper, and my glue gun.

Since I don't have a Silhouette (and probably won't unless someone knocks on my door and says, "Please take this Silhouette for free and use it all the time!") I cut out the letters the old fashioned way. Traced the wooden letter onto scrapbook paper and used and exacto knife. By the end of this I was getting pretty stinkin good with that thing, I probably could've cut out cursive! Ok, not really, but I was proud of myself.  

Then I used mod podge for the...get ready...first time! Also, I always thought it was modge podge, not sure where I got that. It was surprisingly easy. So easy, I'm afraid I might start using it way too much - haha. I just put some on the letter and stuck the paper on. Then I put some more mod podge over the top. I'm not really up on the correct mod podge protocol, but that worked for me!

So then I just had to wait a few minutes for it to dry and hot glue those puppies on the frame! How easy was this project? And cheap. I spent about $8 total since I didn't have any mod podge or the letters on hand. If you already had those, you could spend only a couple dollars. I was very excited and happy to give the picture a new (much more classy) home. Hubs...not so much, but he smiled and said "yeah" when I asked if he liked it. I suppose that's enough for me. :) So here's the final product!

I couldn't get a good picture straight on because it's darkish in here and the flash was creating a big glare.

If you haven't taken the plunge and used mod podge, do not be afraid! Or maybe I'm the only one that was living in the dark (non-glued) ages.

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  1. Too funny, I also thought it was modge podge (even though I have used it before haha!). I made frames last week when Michaels put them on sale. Maybe I will try to upload them soon. Yours turned out very cute!


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