08 March 2011

Braided Tshirt Headband

Well if this isn't an easy free project, I don't know what is. Now that I have a ton of cut-up tshirts (because of the tshirt quilt) I didn't want to just waste all of that knit fabric that was just begging to be used up. In an fortunate coincidence, I found the perfect project for some of the shirts last week on A Law Student's Journey. She saw a headband at Target and then gives a great tutorial here. Can I just say I'm so glad she figured out how to do it?

The weaving part was actually really easy (since I didn't have to figure it out!). It took me about 10-15 minutes to get to a length that would go around my head. I did change up how to connect the two ends though. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures (forgive me for still not being very good at tutorials!).

I'll do my best to explain it...and perhaps include an incredibly crude paintbrush illustration. After I had a length that would go around my head I untied the knotted end and laid the ends out. Then I matched up the ends so I could weave a row of all of them together.
Maybe that makes a tiny bit of sense? I did two "rows" using all of the strands combined. Then I experimented with tying all of those off (bad, bulky idea). So I decided the easiest way to minimize the bulk would be to untie and just sew a line across all of them. That worked out pretty well. I trimmed all of the ends down close to the stitching, turned it so that the ends would be against my head and not showing.
Outside of headband where I combined all the strands
Trying to show that it's pretty flat, but kind of a picture fail. The headband didn't want to lay all the way down. I can tell you that I've been wearing mine all morning and don't even feel it.
You can kind of see some of the stitching in the middle if you look closely.

I'm thinking this could be a good workout headband. It doesn't slip off, but also isn't so tight that I have a headache after half an hour. So if you have lots o' tshirt scraps...get busy! There are headbands to be made!

I'm also joining a link party over at Homemaker on a Dime for the first time. Check it out here.
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  1. That looks awesome! I'm so glad that the video helped someone :) haha! I absolutely love the way you ended it!

  2. Found you Homemaker on a Dime! Love the headband. My Daughter would love this. She love headbands, you rarely find her without one. Blessings <3 Paula

  3. That's cool! I just got a bag of t-shirts from my mother-in-law. I am planning to make a rosette pillow that you can see here:


    Anyways, I found you at the Homemaker on a Dime and I am following you. Please stop by and follow me!
    Ana Paula

  4. Great project! My mom is a master quilter (she machine quilts and hand binds) so let me know if you have problems and she might can help.

    Thanks for stopping by My Pretties!

  5. I love making headbands and hairclips and when I click into your blog what do I find? HEADBANDS!!

    Love it already!

    ohh and I finally figured out how to follow you.



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