04 March 2011

Help Desk

My desk seriously, seriously needed help! Here's where I am about 8 hours a day:
Just keeping it real people. That was with no effort to tidy up so I didn't look so messy. You can see I have a whole lot going on there...the "ack!!" pile is coupons, mail...and maybe a headband and some foam letters.

Now, in my defense, I spend 8 hours a day here. So it isn't hard to see how it could get like this. Earlier this week I saw an office that pushed me over the edge and I had to do something about mine. Her before picture was wayyyy better than mine, so I wasn't expecting her results. After being embarrassed about this picture going public, I started cleaning up.

I may or may not have found coupons dating back to July 2010, scraps of fabric, and a charger to a mystery item (really, I have no idea what it goes to but I kept it just in case...which is probably how this mess started in the first place. Oh well). So I'll cut to the chase:
(you may not be able to tell, but it really is more organized not just 'cleaned off')

Ta-da! Ah, that feels so much better. Maybe I'll work twice as fast tomorrow since I have such a tidy workspace...maybe. And I didn't just shove everything in the extra closet or onto Hubs' desk either! Although some things did make it back to his desk...did I mention his desk is a door? A whole entire door on legs. Oh for a desk with some extra real estate. At least I have shelves basically to the ceiling. And I even cleaned out the drawer.
This isn't totally "fixed" (half of the top shelf probably needs to meet the recycling bin), but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I'd love to keep going and make this room a place that I look forward to spending time in. Hopefully something will jump out to me in the next few weeks, but for now I'll be satisfied with a clean desk.
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  1. Nice work! I can definitely see a difference! One tip for your top shelf that I use is magazine files. You can usually find them for a pretty decent price and they usually come in some really cute designs. Here is one example from Office Depot: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/582444/Snap-N-Store-50percent-Recycled-Magazine/?cm_mmc=Mercent-_-Google-_-Filing_and_Storage-_-582444

  2. Looks great! I agree with the post above, you can also get magazine files at Ikea

  3. Wow you did such a good job straightening up! I always work better when my workspace is organized so I'm predicting you will have a fantastic day Monday! :)

  4. Very much impressed how you organized your desk! Great job :)

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  5. This looks so great now. I love an organized desk. It makes it so much easier for me to concentrate. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.


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