11 March 2011

Painted Shelf in Action

I'm happy to report, the installation of the shelf I painted went smoothly. Much more smoothly than painting the shelf anyway.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out now, and check out the sweet brackets I got at Home Depot. Nevermind that they were out of the cheapo ones I was planning on buying, at least they look cool. And they were simple to install...screw into the wall, screw into the wood and you're done.
I whipped up that fabric basket after I got the shelf up to corral various pens and scissors. Did I mention the shelf even level? Oh yeah, I'm patting myself on the back. :-P
This is where the magic happens people (hah!). Really though, I think the shelf adds a little something. This is as big as my sewing station is going to get because this is in our bedroom and I don't want it taking over the whole room. Even my husband liked it! Woohoo! Although I think he was slightly disappointed that I installed the shelf myself and didn't ask for his help.

For a how-to on the shelf, see the previous post. I can assure you it's more amusing than this post because miserable failures tend to be more amusing than boring old successes. I hope everyone has a super weekend!

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  1. It turned out really good. I especially love those brackets!

  2. Nice work! I always enjoy the ones I accomplish on my own a little bit more, {just don't tell my hubster that!} And the basket is pretty cool too. Thanks for linking-

  3. great job. I really need to get a shelf or two above my sewng table


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